3 Things To Ask Your Contractor About Before You Finish Your Basement

29 August 2018
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If you are finally getting to finish your unfinished basement, you may be thinking that the first step in the process is to hang the drywall. But before you even get started doing that and seeing your basement come to life, there may be some other things that you will have to do to ensure that your basement is up to code and turns out the way that you want it to. Before you get started on your basement project, make sure to talk to your general contractor about the things listed in this article. Read on to learn more. 

Concrete Cutting

Do you have small windows in your basement that you want to widen or make bigger? Or do you feel like some of the concrete that was poured in your basement just doesn't look good? If you have run into problems with either of these issues, then you'll want to hire some concrete contractors to come out to perform concrete slab sawing. Unlike traditional saws that cut through wood and metal, concrete saws are designed to cut concrete in a way that doesn't cause the surrounding areas to crack. So, if you want to have large windows in your basement, then a concrete slab saw can help widen your windows without causing the concrete around the window wells to crack or fall apart. 


Depending on the county that you live in, you may need to get several permits from your county office before you start your basement project. To get your permits, you will have to file some paperwork with the county and then have an inspector come out. Once the inspector comes out and checks you off, then you can go ahead and get started. You may have to get permits for a variety of different things including electrical, plumbing, and your HVAC. 


You may want to have a theater room, a family room, an exercise room, and a spare bedroom in your new basement, but your square footage may not allow for all of those things. Before your contractor gets started, you will need to work with an architect to ensure that your basement is large enough for all of these projects. 

Make sure to talk to your contractor about all of these issues before you get started on your basement refinishing project. Then, from there they will be able to get things rolling so that you can get started on the exciting stuff. To learn more, contact a contractor near you!