Answers To A Couple Of Common Questions About Installing A Concrete Patio

20 July 2016
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Creating a concrete patio can dramatically improve the usability of your yard. However, it is an unfortunate reality that homeowners may not be informed about the various options that are available to them. In particular, new homeowners that are undertaking these projects may benefit from having the following couple of questions addressed.

Are There Options For Those That Do Not Like The Appearance Of Concrete?

Some homeowners may be wary of having a concrete patio poured because they may find the appearance of concrete distasteful. Fortunately, homeowners with this concern should be relieved to learn that there are more aesthetically pleasing options that may be available. For example, it is possible for you to have the concrete stained in one of a range of different colors. This can allow you to avoid the drab, gray color of standard concrete while still allowing you to enjoy the structural and durability advantages of this material.

In addition to colored concrete, you may also be able to opt to have stamped concrete installed. This type of concrete is imprinted with a pattern or design. This will help to give the concrete a more unique appearance, and depending on the type of design chosen, it may also enhance the grip of the concrete.

Will Decorative Concrete Require Any Maintenance?

The amount of maintenance needed to keep the concrete's appearance can be a point of concern for some homeowners that are considering starting this type of project. Luckily, it should be noted that stamped and stained concrete does not require special care, but will still need the basic care that standard concrete needs. This will include applying a sealant to the concrete and cleaning it on a regular basis. The sealant protects the concrete against allowing water to get into its interior. Water can seep into the numerous pores of the concrete, which can cause it to gradually weaken it. A sealant will prevent this by forming a highly durable protective layer that closes these small openings in the concrete's surface.

Concrete patios can be among the more common upgrades that homeowners make to their properties. By understanding that you can choose color or stamped concrete to improve the appearance of the patio and the need to put a sealant on the patio will help you to have a more thorough understanding about this upgrade to your house. More precisely, this knowledge will help you to ensure that you are getting the most of this upgrade to your property.