Creative Use Of Concrete In Home Floor Remodeling Projects

12 February 2016
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Concrete has been used by interior designers for years to create unique architectural surfaces. The ability to mold, color and polish this medium means you can create a variety of looks in your residential flooring. Here are some ideas for using concrete to produce eye-catching floors in your home.

Kitchen Flooring

Create a kitchen floor that matches the color scheme of your cabinets or appliances, not the other way around. The concrete is poured and dyes are added to create the desired color. Stencils are used to produce "tiles" on the floor while it is still wet. A darker pigment is applied to the lines made in the concrete to look like grout. Once dried, a clear resin is applied and the concrete is then polished to a high gloss. Or you can choose to leave the concrete with a matte appearance.

Dining Room Flooring

For a touch of elegance, create a marble-like floor in the dining area. Once the floor is poured, colored dyes and resins are added to the concrete to create the colorful veins that characterize marble slabs. When the floor has dried, concrete grinding is use to make a completely smooth surface. A clear resin is then applied and the floor is polished to a high gloss. Your floor will look like one continuous marble slab.

Bathroom Flooring

Create a bright and clean look to the bathroom with a new concrete floor. Using small stencils, the freshly poured floor will take on the look of small ceramic tiles. Use a base color of white and lightly tint a few of the "tiles" for contrast. You can even extend the concrete floor up onto the wall for a few inches to create a splash guard.

Hallway Flooring

Create a unique floor in a hallway that is sure to be a conversation starter. Pour the concrete floor and, while it is still wet, place small objects in the concrete, such as coins, shells or small stones. Pour a layer of clear resin over the concrete and polish it to a high gloss. The result will have a 3D appearance of objects floating in the floor as people walk over it.

Using Concrete Outdoors

You can use concrete outside on decks, patios and walkways. The concrete can be dyed and stamped to look like wood, stone or other natural surfaces. The advantage of concrete over wood is that it won't splinter, fade or turn gray. Contact a company, such as Concrete Coring Company, for more information.