Why Hiring A Cement Contractor Is Ideal For Patio Construction

24 December 2015
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Are you trying to figure out what to do with all of the space in your large backyard? You can make good use of the space by getting a patio constructed for entertaining guests on, and it is good idea to hire a contractor to handle the cement for you. In this article, learn why the handling of cement for your patio should be done by a professional and what it costs.

Why Should a Homeowner Hire a Cement Contractor for a Patio?

Although you can buy concrete and mix it on your own, it is a good idea to allow a contractor with the right skills to construct your patio. Constructing a patio involves much more that simply pouring the concrete on the ground. There are several things that must be done before you'll have a cement patio that is durable. For instance, the first step will be preparing the patio area of the ground by excavating it. Some cement contractors may excavate the ground for you.

What Happens After the Ground is Excavated?

Pouring the cement is the next step after excavation. If you hire a contractor to handle patio construction, he or she will be able to bring ready-mix cement, such as Van Doren Red-E-Mix, that is already professionally prepared. The great thing about using ready-mix is that you know the right amount of water and aggregates will be added to the mixture, which can help with having a durable patio. The cement contractor can also put specific types of aggregates in the mixture as per your specifications before bringing the cement to your home. After the cement is in place, the contractor will make sure that it bleeds properly to prevent pressure under the surface of aggregates.

What Will a Concrete Contractor Charge to Help with Patio Construction?

A cement contractor will price the project based on what kind of services you need. For instance, ground preparation, adding color and pouring the cement will have an effect on what you have to pay. If you are getting a large patio constructed like one that is 80x20 feet, expect to be charged a minimum of $4,000 or more. If your backyard is sloped or has a lot of hills, it can be more complex to prepare the ground, which will cost extra. Hire a cement contractor so he or she can start working on your backyard patio.