Repairing Potholes In Your Driveway

23 December 2015
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Over time, it is very common for potholes to develop in your driveway due to the weight of cars on a daily basis. This slow development will force you to do some asphalt repair, which is a job that can easily be done on your own. You'll need some basic tools for the job, which are commonly found at your local hardware store.

First and foremost, you'll need enough asphalt pothole patch to fill the potholes. Always buy some extra as the asphalt will compress as you compact it. Additionally, you'll need some strong rubber gloves, a trowel, some crack filler and a tool called a tamper. A tamper is a tool used to flatten the asphalt down into the ground with an up and down smashing method. It is a large, square, flattened piece of metal attached to a broom handle with good weight that helps to compact the asphalt.

Clean the driveway

The first step in the process of repairing your potholes is to clean them and the surrounding space. It is recommended to use a pressure washer for the best results. Wash the driveway thoroughly and let it dry. 

Apply the asphalt

When the surface is dry or slightly damp you can start to apply the asphalt pothole patch. Simply remove the lid and pour the asphalt into the pothole. Fill in the hole with asphalt and pile it an inch or two higher than the surface of your driveway so that you can easily spread it out to ground level. Use your trowel to spread the asphalt out to the edges of your pothole. 

When all of your asphalt is spread out, use your tamper to pound the asphalt down to ground level. This method will compact the asphalt and give it a professional look.  Use your tamper first in the center of the asphalt and work your way to the edges. Then move your way around the edges of the asphalt, smoothing it out so that it is level with the driveway surface.

Complete the job

When the asphalt is thoroughly leveled out you'll need to use some crack filler around the edges to prevent water and weather damage. Apply the crack filler all the way around the edges and smooth it out level with your driveway using your trowel. Allow the asphalt and sealer to fully set as per the manufacturers instructions. If you want to take this job to the next step then consider doing a complete seal on your driveway.

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