Seven Good Reasons To Choose Concrete Over Asphalt For Your Commerical Parking Lot

16 December 2015
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If your business parking lot is showing its age, you're likely wondering whether you should replace it with another asphalt surface or spring for a concrete parking lot. While the initial cost of concrete is generally higher, concrete is more durable than asphalt and offers a number of other benefits, including virtually non-existent maintenance costs.

Advantages of concrete over asphalt parking lots 

1. Durability. Arguably, the primary benefit to opting for concrete over asphalt is its longer lifespan. The average concrete surface will last around 25 years. That compares to around 15 years for an asphalt surface.

2. Less maintenance. An asphalt surface required regular maintenance. This type of surface has to be sealed every few years to keep it looking sharp and to repair any chips and cracks as well as be completely resurfaced every ten years or so, depending on the climate. Concrete, properly installed, requires little extra maintenance.

3. Ready more quickly. In most cases, a concrete parking lot will be ready to use to most cases in just 24 hours. Conversely, an asphalt surface takes between two and three days before you can drive on it and up to a year to completely cure.

4. Absorbs less heat. An asphalt surface can get pretty hot during the heat of the summer. The black surface absorbs the sunlight, making it hot to walk on and stand on. A light-colored concrete surface receives a lot less heat transfer and thus stays cooler than asphalt even on the hottest days.

5. Reflects light. With a concrete parking lot, you'll need less overhead lighting, since the light color of concrete reflects the light rather than absorbing it as asphalt does.

6. Ecologically responsible. Because a concrete surface lasts much longer than an asphalt one, it requires less material over time and, thus, less energy is used in that production. In addition, fewer old parking lot pieces end up in America's landfills as a result of using concrete. Concrete can be recycled to make new paving material after your parking lot's useful life is finished.

7. Versatile. Concrete can be tinted a variety of colors and textured to suit your architectural or design style. You can even stamp designs or your company logo into the surface.

While concrete isn't necessarily the right choice for every business parking lot, concrete is durable, aesthetically pleasing, ready to use more quickly and stays cooler in the summer than an asphalt surface.