Four Parking Lot Maintenance Tips All Business Owners Should Remember

11 December 2015
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Parking lots are more than just flat, hard surfaces you can overlook. As a business owner, it's important to also focus your maintenance efforts towards your parking lot. This isn't just important when it comes to the aesthetics of the lot, but also the longevity of the surface. Here are just some of maintenance steps you don't want to overlook. 

Keep Basins Clean

Take the time to clean all basins around the lot periodically. When the basins aren't clean this also means that any moisture on the parking lot surface won't drain away properly. A backed up drain will cause the water to pool on your pavement, which can accelerate the deterioration process and create soft spots in the pavement. This task will be especially important during the fall months when the leaves are falling from the trees rapidly.

Don't Ignore Cracks

Don't overlook a small crack and designate it as a minor issue. Cracks in asphalt typically tell a story about what is going on below and should be addressed promptly to ignore further damage. Alligator tracks can be an indication of poor drainage or a weak base or sub-grade. Whereas edge cracks occur when there is an excessive amount of vegetation along the edge of the lot. Whatever the case, having a professional come out and inspect and repair the crack is the only way to solve the real issue.

Re-Design Your Lot

Redesigning your lot can give your pavement a break when it comes to wear and tear. This process basically involves revamping your lot by having it re-striped to create a different traffic flow or parking designations. Take a lot that has a special area for large vehicles, for example. The weight from these vehicles is likely putting a great deal of stress on the surface in the area. Re-designing the lot to have the heavy vehicle parking in another area for a while can give the area a break and minimize damage.

Sealcoat Often

Sealcoating is not a one-time job. This is a task that needs to be repeated in order to protect the lot. Exposure to the elements, regular traffic and debris can all naturally breakdown the seal coat layer over time, making it less than effective. A re-application is how you keep it strong. Since the weather conditions in your area and the amount of traffic on your lot will determine how often this needs to be performed, it's best to ask a professional how frequently this process is necessary for your lot.

Make sure you are keeping parking lot maintenance and asphalt paving a priority to keep your lot looking great all year long.